It's All Done!

I've just put the finishing touches on my presentation. After presenting it a few times tomorrow, I'll be completely done with high school. That's going to take a while to sink in.

In my second blog post, I talked about some data regarding AP tests which the University of Georgia system had collected. In that post I said that I was going to have that data on my website. At a later time I decided that I didn't want to include it. The data was interesting, but I decided it didn't fit with what was going onto my website. I just wanted to clear that up to avoid any confusion if you were trying to find that data on my website.

In addition to my essential question which I talked about in my last post, I'll talk about my supporting questions in this post.

How can I make this data easy to use by others?

To solve this question I thought about how I find data the easiest to understand, and the most intriguing: as a visual. I created visuals which made it, at least in my …

Almost Complete

How can I compile data and advice about college admissions to help students who are going through the college application process? I have created a website with the data about schools I would've loved to have had when I was deciding where to apply, and advice I would've found helpful. By doing this, I think I have succeeded in answering my essential question.
My project itself is complete. I have finished a website which can be found here. That being said, I have a couple more hours of work to finish a presentation I will be giving at the senior project fair on Monday.

The majority of my time was spent searching for data and doing data analysis. I spent about eighteen-and-a-half of my forty hours doing this. The data I took from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) was the easiest to get and use. Their website allowed me to pick what schools and what data I wanted to have downloaded in a spreadsheet format. However, IPEDS didn't have all of the data I …

Making Good Progress

It has been a week since my last blog post, and my project is really starting to come together. My website is starting to take shape, that part of the project isn't terribly time consuming or challenging however. On the more challenging side, I've been finishing up data analysis, and then creating visuals with that data. I have created factors for aid which take into account the cost, the amount of aid, and the amount of students receiving aid to show how generous different universities are. I have done this for seventy different schools, and I'm still planning to do it for at least thirty more.
Although much of this work has been going well, I have run into a few problems trying to access the data from schools. In this first picture we can see that Clemson seems to think they have over 900,000 freshmen receiving non-need-based aid. They also know that there are less than 5,000 undergrad students receiving this aid, so something isn't adding up somewhere. When things l…

Finishing the Preliminary Research

I'm about a day and a half into my project, and I've found that I'm not going to need as much time to do this initial research as I gave myself. This is okay however, as I've realized just how much harder it's gonna be to do the data analysis than I thought. There is just a lot of data to deal with. That being said, I'll talk about some of the most interesting data I've found so far.

The first consists of AP score distributions based on ethnicity. They showed rather unfortunate but expected results showing asians and whites considerably outscoring African Americans and Hispanics. Only the exams which are obscure and have large amounts of self selection had similar scores across all ethnicities. These would be exams like AP Calculus BC, AP German Language and Culture, and AP Italian Language and Culture. Although this data shows something compelling, (probably that standardized tests are a direct reflection of socioeconomic status) I won't be including i…

Beginning the Project

At Marshall School, the last two weeks of senior year are spent either completing a senior capstone project or a service learning project. The senior capstone project is designed personally by each senior that completes one. For my senior capstone project, I am planning to answer the following essential question: How can I compile data and advice about college admissions to help students who are now going through the college application process?

I have gone through the college admissions process myself in the past year, and I became very interested in it as I did. I spent a lot of time looking at admissions data and reading through advice given by college admission officers. Looking through that advice and data helped me have success as I went through the process, and I want to help other students have that same sort of success.

To begin with, I am planning to search through the data present on Jon Boeckenstedt's blog. Boeckenstedt is the associate vice president for enrollment ma…